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Marbled Paper by Einen Miura



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Einen Miura, book binder and marbled paper maker, was born in Japan in 1944. After graduating from Waseda University in Tokyo, he did graduate work at London University. In 1975 he married bookdesigner and book binder Kerstin Tini Scharnweber-Bremer in London. Upon returning to Japan, he established Atelier Miura and the Japan Bibliophile Binding Society, of which he is now chairman. He has one of the largest collections of original post 17th-century marbled papers in the world.


Marbled Paper by Einen Miura

Miura is a marbled paper maker:

• traditional european style

• "Oleaugraphie" and

• suminagashi.



He is also a collector of marbled papers and works as a publicist.


Einen Miura is member of the MDE.


Einen Miura has translated into Japanese My World of Bibliophile Binding and Beautiful Binding (both by Kerstin Tini Miura); has written Classic Marbled Papers. He has written and (throught Atelier Miura) has published Fascinating Marbled Papers. Miura has also published K. Sakamoto's Books about Books and C. Franklin's Private Presses.

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